Weather forecast evaluation is very important since the forecasts can affect the lives and properties of thousands of people. The degree of their accuracy needs to be known for the forecasts to be credible. This forecast evaluation emphazizes on the accuracy of rainfall predictions,  since quantitative precipitation forecast is known to be difficult. That is why other weather forecasts (e.g.  CNN) only predict a chance of rain or no rain, and do not give out any rainfall amount like our MM5 forecasts.Below are the results of the comparisons of the MM5 forecasts from VNBAOLUT.COM against the weather information from recent storms reported in the news media, both in Vietnam and overseas.

NOTE: Recent MM5 forecasts can be accessed from
where yyyy=year (e.g. 2001), mm=month (e.g. 08), dd=day (e.g. 09), hh=GMT hour (00,06,12,18)

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Last modified: October 25, 2001